Assignment details

Location: Cranbourne South 3977

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 75 days

Dates: 18-Mar-2019 - 31-May-2019

Requirements: We are travelling for work to the UK and need a house sitter (hopefully the same one!) for two periods from approx 18th March - 31st May 2019 and approx 19th July - 9th October 2019. We have two retired horses to be cared for, a very soppy golden retriever and a lovely cat (who lives mainly outdoors). We're looking for someone experienced with horses (able to feed, rug and identify any problems to contact us or vet for any further action), who loves dogs and cats and is super reliable. We have a very comfortable four bedroom home about 1 hour from Melbourne and, with the six week break in between the two periods of house sitting, it would be a great opportunity for someone wishing to travel during that break. We will cover all utility bills etc and we can provide use of a small car if needed whilst you are house sitting

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Sitting room
Pedro and Spot
Charlie and Cass - both retired, fit and well but 30 years old