• Suburb : BOORAGOON 6154
  • Region : Perth
  • State : Western Australia
  • Duration : 35 days
  • Arrive : 10-May-2024
  • Depart : 13-Jun-2024
  • Pet care required : Fish, Chickens, Birds
  • Special features :
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket


We have 2 house birds - an Indian Ringneck and a Lorikeet - which need to be uncovered each morning and engaged with, put into the outdoor aviary in warm weather for time during the day, and fed, watered and covered for bed at night.

We also have an aviary with small parrots and finches which need to be looked after with fresh water and seed as needed and a small amount of fresh chopped fruit and veg each day.

We also have 3 Australorp Hens which need to be closed into their coop each night and let out each morning, fed with fresh chopped veg each morning and a treat of porridge each evening. Their pellets and water need to be checked and topped up as needed. The hens are free ranging in the garden and their poo needs to be picked up from the patio and from under their roosting beam each day.

And we have one Koi fish in an aquaponics tank which needs to be fed each day.

One indoor plant needs to be checked and watered every few days and there may be a few patio plants which may need a bit of water if it's dry weather for too long.

Close to Garden City Shopping Centre and Leach Highway Bus Route.

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