Assignment details

Location: Stanmore 2048

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 47 days

Dates: 10-Sep-2018 - 27-Oct-2018


We have a nice, very well located house in Stanmore – just a few kilometres from the city.

It’s a very friendly home, where, we think, anyone would enjoy sitting.

We have four security cameras in ‘non-private’ areas of the house - two external and two internal (in the hallway and kitchen) which we can monitor remotely when we are away. It’s a very secure house, where you will feel very safe.

Other than keeping the house secure, this housesit has two main requirements - the care of our cats and the watering of our garden for almost seven weeks.

We have four rescue cats and they are all very special. So we need people who are VERY familiar with cats and understand their behaviour. One of the cats has a medical condition, which requires tablets to be administered daily – directly into his mouth; not with food (hence the need to find someone who is “...VERY familiar with cats and understands their behaviour”).

Regarding the garden: while we don't have a huge garden, we do have a lot of plants, at the front and back of the house, which need regular, soaking hosing of 1-2 hours – at least twice a week, regardless of whether it rains or not. So, it’s important that you are prepared and able to devote time to this task.

Our preference is for a couple to housesit for us. So, if one partner becomes incapacitated in some way, the other can carry on. Because we have animals that need to be fed and looked after, we can’t risk their starvation if something happens to a sole housesitter.

But we’re not excluding single housesitters if they can have a suitable back-up person readily available.

A housesitter with a car is essential (on-street parking in a very good, quiet street), so that if something happens to any of the cats, they can be taken to the vet immediately.

Our cats are all pretty docile and, while emergency situations are extremely rare, they can happen. We need to feel assured that help is immediately on hand for them in the event that an emergency should arise.

We are very friendly people, but at the same time, we are most particular about who we let into our home. We will vet all applications thoroughly, so, if you’re interested, please provide a police check and a number of references with the referees’ contact details.

If you believe this house-sit would suit you (remember, as well as the all important security aspect, the care of our cats and hosing the garden are our prime concerns) please contact us.

Thank you

Martin & Irene

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