• Suburb : Laidley South 4341
  • Region : West Moreton
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 62 days
  • Arrive : 14-Apr-2020
  • Depart : 14-Jun-2020
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Birds
  • Special features : Caravan Parking
  • Location : Supermarket, Restaurants


Hi We have a medium sized Qlder verandahs on 4 sides.We require a couple who are experienced with Large sometime boisterous dogs.We have a Family of Mum , Dad & 2 Junior Weimaraners 3 of which a long hairs. The Long hair Weimaraners are the the more laid back dogs, Jorja the short hair Mother is a bit of a velcro dog! This is typical of the breed. They require someone who is gentle and absolutely patient, kind and loving. They have always been kenneled when we go away so if your happy to sit the house without the dogs that is fine too.

They are our lives and I understand if 4 dogs is too much and it can be for someone who does not know the Weimaraner breed as they are a strong exuberant & sometime Mischievous breed.

Jorja loves a ball game !

You will require your own motor vehicle here as we are out of town by 6km.

# Maintain house with regular cleaning including bathroom & toilet ; vacuuming & washing floors at least once a week. I have friend who comes to clean every fortnight , in between the cleanliness needs to be maintained. # Gardens require regular watering at least once a week or when required. Also potted azaleas & rose plants will need watering before becoming dry. We have many bromeliads which do need some regular watering too some are up in trees too. So please look above into the trees in all our gardens you will see the bromeliads & tillandsias Mowing yards when required. we have a ride on mower and a hand mower. # place pool chlorine tablet into skimmer basket & ensure pool cleaner does not get tangled. Enjoy a swim ! # Dogs fed twice a day am around 7-8 then again around 3pm & 1hour after feed they must rest before being exercised around 4 in afternoon with a retrieving game throwing balls etc . Our dogs have had preventive Gastro Pexig to stop gastric torsion GVD but can still Bloat so we make sure they don't exercise for 1 hr after feeding. Ensure the dogs have fresh water available intheir bowls / buckets upstairs & in their downstairs kennels. Maintain the cleanliness of their downstairs kennels and yards. We must ensure a poop collection is done regularly owing to Hygiene. This is done using a pooper scooper & bagged & discarded & place in dedicated poo bin then place in home garbage bin Mondays for garbage collection on Tuesdays Brush dogs once a week or more they love it ! Our friend Lee-Anne comes to wash them monthly on a Friday morning around 11am. # Place bins outside to the right handside of our front gates every Tuesday # FEED our FRIENDLY Native wild birds. Our beautiful Magpie family Mum magpie will take food out of the palm of your hand & 4 Kookaburras & 4 Butcher birds with meat provided. These guys come up on the back veranda rail to be fed. Also we have a bird feeder where we place a jug of seed for other native birds that visit. We have beautiful red & green King Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets pink & grey galahs & little double barred finches .They all come & visit our yard at some time during the day as there is seed put out for them to

Enjoy a swim if not too cold then sit on 1 of the verandas to read a book enjoy some nibbles and a glass of wine and watch the sunset across the valley

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