Assignment details

Location: Boyland 4275

Region: Gold Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 36 days

Dates: 31-May-2019 - 05-Jul-2019

Requirements: We live in a beautiful 4 bedroom house on 4 acres On the beautiful scenic rim near the town of Canungra.

We have a large orchard with lemons, limes, mango, nectarines, grapes, dragon fruit, oranges pomegranTe and more and a fully maintained vegi patch to potter, and a large pool to keep cool.

We need a house sitter to stay during our overseas vacation to feed our peach face storm , Raven our cat she is anside cat and only and needs fed twice daily and her litter kept clean . Also our chickens and ducks need let out each morning to free range and locked up when they put themselves to bed at night, their water/ food will need topped up prob twice a week.

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