Assignment details

Location: EASTWOOD 2122

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 8 days

Dates: 26-Dec-2015 - 02-Jan-2016

Requirements: Possum and Graymalkin (it means gray moggie in Elizabethan times), like to stay in their own home when their people go away. They live in a Federation house (built 1911), set in an established and spacious garden. They are both rescue kitties and totally indoor only. Possum is a tortoiseshell Burmese, 3 years, 7 months old, and weighs only 3.6 kgs. Graymalkin is a black and silver tabby, 9 months old and weighs 3.8 kgs. Possum is a people cat and likes lots of attention and cuddles. Graymalkin is quieter and fairly timid, but a real sweetie, once you get to know him. If you live near Eastwood, you will know about the many and varied Asian restaurants in the area. We are only a short walk from the shops, restaurants and train station. There is a bus stop a few steps from the house. If you are crazy about cats and don't mind watering the garden and outdoor pot plants, and looking after the house and contents, contact me.

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