• Suburb : Brunswick West 3055
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 16 days
  • Arrive : 26-Dec-2020
  • Depart : 10-Jan-2021
  • Pet care required : Dogs
  • Special features :
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


Hello, we will (hopefully) be away from Boxing Day for 2 weeks and need someone to mind our home and our 5 year old greyhound Zoey. We are close to public transport with easy city access and walking distance to cafes and local restaurants. We have a pool so there’s somewhere to cool off in the heat.

Zoey has only been with us for 4 months and we would love to take her with us but the places are not pet friendly. She is a sensitive girl and needs people who are mostly happy to be home bound most of the time. She suffers from separation anxiety and would not cope with long stretches on her own all day. She is happiest on the couch next to you or on her bed where she can see you or knows you are nearby. We will be building up her tolerance to stints on her own when we can go out but lockdown has meant she’s pretty much enjoyed company 24x7!

She likes walking around the local streets mostly and still quite timid around other dogs unless she knows them. Off leash dog parks are no good for her, she gets scared and pretty much refuses to walk there now. She loves travelling in the car and has bursts of sprints down the hallway or throwing her toys in the air but otherwise is so quiet you may forget she’s there (except that she will follow you everywhere!). She doesn’t bark, is toilet trained and sleeps inside (where she spends the vast majority of her time snoozing or following me around.) Shes so sweet And easy but definitely a bit quirky and sensitive.

Exercise required is not huge - a 45 min to 1 hour walk in the morning and 30-45 in the afternoon will be enough.

Other than keeping Zoey well looked after I just need someone to water my garden and indoor plants.

So, if you want to hang out with Zoey, chill by the pool and be a bit more homebody than not, this may be for you.

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