Assignment details

Location: MACQUARIE 2614

Region: Canberra

State: Australian Capital Territory

Duration: 38 days

Dates: 25-Aug-2015 - 01-Oct-2015

Requirements: Hello. We would love to have someone house-sitting our small three-bedroom house in Macquarie ACT. It is an old house, with quite a big backyard. Small renovated bathroom, but original kitchen from 1968 (!) with tiny cupboards + tiny sink + microwave + fridge + old stove & oven / no dishwasher / nothing fancy at all. There is a small laundry with washing machine + dryer + freezer + staircase to go down to the backyard. There are three bedrooms, but one is technically the "toys room" (might be useful if you have young children). Another room is the kids bedroom with two single bunk beds and one toddler bed. And of course, there is the parents bedroom. The is also one very confortable sofa bed in the lounge room + another smaller sofa + an old TV + video games + internet. No garage or carport. There are six small fancy chickens in an enclosed chicken run outside: you could let them go out of their enclosure in the afternoon if you are here, they would go back on their own by nightfall and you would have to lock them inside for the night ; you would not have lots of work to do with them, they have a huge food bucket and huge water bucket, you would have fresh eggs every day and would refill the water bucket once a fortnight. We also have two friendly pet rats who live in a cage but would need time out of their cage daily (they would happily sit on your shoulder and race through your cloth - pet rats are really super friendly!). We could move them to a friend's place if you don't like pet rats, it's OK. But the hens stay here, that's sure. There is a big trampoline + some kids bikes & scooters + some outdoor kids structure in the backyard. Our house is 400m away from a bus stop from which you would reach Belconnen Centre or Canberra Centre in 15 minutes (or you would drive there in 5 to 15 minutes or you would ride there if you are very brave in 10 - 30 minutes). There is a shopping centre 15 minutes walking distance from our house (2 minutes driving distance :)). We are looking for a housesitter (or couple or family...) for the whole of September and maybe also the last week of August (our travel dates are not final yet, but it's very likely to be 25 Aug - 1 Oct). You won't be expected to do any gardening, but you could if you wanted + normal house cleaning + collecting mail + collecting eggs (no need to enter the chicken enclosure for that) + topping up chicken waterer once a fortnight. Thanks for reading that!

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