Assignment details

Location: Bogangar 2488

Region: Richmond-Tweed

State: New South Wales

Duration: 23 days

Dates: 02-Feb-2018 - 24-Feb-2018

Requirements: One cat (Molly) and one dog (Abby), both elderly. The dog is a greyhound, perfectly well behaved and obedience trained. Abby will require a short walk to the park and back morning and evening. Molly is allowed out during the day but must stay in at night (she comes in quite readily for her evening meal) I have lovely gardens with spear pump set up to water 3 stations, must be turned on and off manually. Usually every couple of days for 20mins each station (depending on how hot it is) - very easy to do. 3mins walk to the beach, one bedroom, spacious living, very desirable spot.

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Abby, Molly and my gardens