• Suburb : WITHEREN 4275
  • Region : Gold Coast
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 62 days
  • Arrive : 06-Mar-2022
  • Depart : 06-May-2022
  • Pet care required : Dogs
  • Special features : Caravan Parking
  • Location : Supermarket, Restaurants


As my dad passed unexpectedly this week I have to get back to Norway quickly.

I have two boys that I love and adore, Cavalier King Charles and I am stressing a bit in finding a right person to take care of them while I am gone.

I work from home and I take the boys with me wherever I can, hence they are not used to being alone for long periods of time or every day, so I need someone who can be home here with them, either working from home or don’t work.

We are going to be away for about two months or so- not sure exactly when we leave, it depends a lot on when we can get a house sitter but I am hoping to leave within the next 10 days.

My boys are a little spoiled but they are well behaved.

Due to Cavaliers being prone to certain health issues, though the boys are very healthy now, I am a bit particular with their diet.

Their names are Ollie and Wilson.

Ollie we have had since he was a puppy and he will be two in May. Wilson we just got over Christmas and he will be 4 in May. He is Ollie’s biological dad.

As he is so new to us I really need someone to stay in their own environment.

Ollie is a bit uneasy with other dogs, never aggressive but he tends to move away. It is not a problem when we go walkis, he likes to say hello then but if they come on too strong he stressing. Hence why I cannot have anyone with another dog.

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