• Suburb : Brookton 6306
  • Region : Upper Great Southern
  • State : Western Australia
  • Duration : 63 days
  • Arrive : 20-Aug-2020
  • Depart : 22-Oct-2020
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Birds
  • Special features : Caravan Parking, Families Welcome
  • Location : Supermarket, Restaurants


I hope you are in W.A., as we are unable to accept help from Interstate at the moment. We are on a farm 2 hours East of Perth and need daily help with our small menagerie which takes about 45 minutes morning and night.

This is a volunteer position and we need help from the 20th of August to the 22nd of October - if unable to do the whole time a few weeks would be great.

We are here a lot of the time and the reason for needing help is:

A. I am getting older and cannot do quite what I used to, so need some help for certain chores.

B. I have an extremely painful knee and may be looking at surgery, so would need help (if that were to happen) while in hospital and while recuperating.

C. I am a granny “on call” to help with some of my grandchildren, two who get severe croup – their Dad works off shore and their mother (our daughter) sometimes needs a helping hand, if one or the other needs to be hospitalized.

If the jobs I normally do can be taken over by a “helper” I can then be confidant they are being done properly, if I am needed else-where and saves my husband having to stumble around in the dark once he comes in from the paddock at night. The basic jobs take about a half hour morning and night. For example – tying the dogs up and feeding them at night – shutting the chooks in at night and letting out in the morning - and making sure they don’t run out of feed and water – the same for three rescue birds – as well for three orphaned lambs that need pellets, hay and water.

What I am offering has been accepted by people in the past and they have enjoyed their stay with us enormously. Their accommodation is a fully equipped Granny flat about 100 metres from the main house and quite private – we can have easy contact if needed or remain isolated – what ever people prefer to do. They are welcome to go for trips out the paddock to see how the farm runs. We also encourage helpers to take advantage of any fruit, vegies or eggs when/if available. We do not charge for Water or Electricity and the view is magnificent!!!!! We accept that people may need Medical/Dental appointments and make sure ours do not clash with theirs, if possible, as someone needs to be here to tend to the chores every day. We encourage people to take time out for sight-seeing etc.


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