Assignment details

Location: Gowrie 2904

Region: Canberra

State: Australian Capital Territory

Duration: 40 days

Dates: 08-Sep-2019 - 18-Oct-2019

Requirements: I am sure that you would enjoy staying in and caring for our comfortable largish, family home. We have a garden, spa, pool and a very loving dog that will all require your attention and care. Our dog is a quirky, but demanding, poodleX who requires daily exercise, lots of cuddles and playtime. He is used to being treated as a member of our family. Our home has a pool table, cinema set up with a giant screen, an outdoor spa, indoor sauna and an exercise room. The outdoor pool operates automatically on timers and we will have it maintained by a service contract while we are away so you will not be responsible for its care although we will ask you to keep an eye on its operation. The garden incorporates a number of outdoor pots especially around the pool area that will all need regular watering along with the range of pots and hanging baskets in the atrium, inside the house.

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