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Location: ORANGE 2800

Region: Central West

State: New South Wales

Duration: 321 days

Dates: 15-Apr-2015 - 29-Feb-2016

Requirements: Hi - my pets are the main thing - one small dogue who is 12 and needs company, a daily walk and a warm spot on the bed. One 14 year old cat who is a bit odd and usually ignores anyone other than me - she eats twice a day and is no bother - other than leaping out of cupboards if you disturb her "spot". She is not the type to sit on your lap though. the dog is actually her pet - in an attempt to soothe her a bit.

The house is small - 3 bedroom brick veneer - yard is also small - requires cleaning and yard maintenance - there is a mower and whipper snipper here. I have good neighbours and my family are close by to provide assistance - or to take over care for a weekend or week here and there if the sitter needs a break of their own. I realise 9 months is a long commitment.

The person is also best to have their own car - as Orange is a small town - public transport is not great. We do have lots of food and wine though, a great hospital, good theatre etc.

I would prefer a 40+ single female, as that is what the fur people are used to. But I don't really want a couple - and one house rule is that there are to be no overnight guests in my absence. Would prefer a non smoker - and the sitter would be responsible for utilities in return for the free rent ideally. I think I will also ask for a security bond - given my recent experience.

The sitter I arranged cancelled 2 days before my planned departure - with no explanation - I was meant to go on the 1st April. So at this point I've delayed my trip - I know it's very short notice - just doing what I can before I need to just cancel the whole thing.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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