Assignment details

Location: Adamstown 2289

Region: Hunter

State: New South Wales

Duration: 12 days

Dates: 15-Aug-2018 - 26-Aug-2018

Requirements: Hi,

I have 2 indoor cats who are very loved......a Siamese and a Devon Rex. My Siamese was not treated kindly as a baby before She came to me and is very scared of people and loud noises. She will run and hide, usually in a cupboard for ages. You would need to understand her fear and be very gentle with her.

My Devon youngster Is scared when my Siamese is scared, but gets over it quickly and is otherwise a very loving girl who will jump on your shoulder or chest for cuddles.

Both cats have very good manners, but the Devon will try to escape when you walk in the door, so you will need to be cautious there.

Low maintenance home in good neighbourhood with supportive friendly neighbours if needed. Close to shops, restaurants, beaches, hospital, bus stops, and cinemas,

My cats are my priority and require company. Please don’t accept this sitting if you plan to be absent a lot.

Prefer no children.



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