Assignment details

Location: Tooperang 5255

Region: Outer Adelaide

State: South Australia

Duration: 10 days

Dates: 26-Mar-2018 - 04-Apr-2018

Requirements: we are on a 13 acre property, about 5km outside the township of Mount Compass. There is plenty of space if you want to bring a caravan. We have 3 dogs (13yr old german wire haired pointer, 2yr old german wire haired pointer and a 8month old kelpie). We also have 2 cats, about 10 chickens, a peacock and about 20 sheep.

All of the animals are outside (apart from the old dog who comes inside when we are home!), the sheep are happy just if you make sure they have water, some like a good head rub! The peacock thinks he is a cockerel and parades around all day looking after his birds. the dogs are pretty low maintenance, food water and throw a ball (the kelpie is crate trained as she is a Houdini!). The cats just get locked up outside at night. Let me know if interested :)

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