Assignment details

Location: Gaven 4211

Region: Gold Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 23 days

Dates: 17-May-2018 - 08-Jun-2018

Requirements: We live on approx 2 acres in Gaven close to M1 and all services including GLink. A comfortable home, Pool, private enclosed courtyard on one side and open acreage on the other. Pool person monthly and cleaner fortnightly.

Room to park a caravan or can.

We really need an good natured and kind person/s. We have two 2 large loving dogs approx. 1.5 yo that are very active and have the run of our property ensuring all is kept safe. We also have an old terrier who lives in the courtyard area. He enjoys being with the others daily for a walk down to the pond. However as his younger siblings can get a bit boisterous he enjoys the peace of the courtyard and human company at his age. He is a little deaf and sight beginning to fail but still loves the world.

We have very good neighbours too they tend to keep an eye on things which is good.

We need a person/s who do love animals and are used to big dogs.

We are away for the above weeks as advised, however to settle in a day earlier arrival would be beneficial.

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