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Location: Cardup 6122

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 26 days

Dates: 30-Dec-2018 - 24-Jan-2019

Requirements: The main thing that we're concerned about is the health and well-being of our two old doggies. Ivy (girl), Parson's Russell is 15 and Sonic (boy) is 14. They are inside dogs and we've had them since they were pups.

The house is on a large block, 5.5 acres, it's zoned fully rural. One side of the road is Byford, our side of the road is Cardup. We have 3 sheep in the paddock that take care of themselves, they'll just need their water trough topped up and we have a cockateil bird which is easy to care for. The house is not connected to scheme water so the sitter will be able to enjoy beautiful fresh rain water. The gardens are watered from an excellent bore. It's a fantastic home in a fantastic area where all the big shops are a 2 minute drive away: Coles & Woolies and all the fatty fast joints etc. The home is a 4 x 2 with a massive shed, spa, pool, billiards table, bar, wifi, foxtel, etc. etc.

We are driving into the Gibson desert to work with some indigenous communities and then we're off into the Northern Territory and then coming back into WA via the Great Central Road. We normally get my dad to look after the place but he can't do it this year.

My neighbour and friend will mow the lawns and I have another friend he stores some equipment in the paddock, he may visit while we're away, he has a key for the front gate as does my neighbour.

Thank you, John & Agi

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TV in Bedroom
Ivy (white) and Sonic
Man Cave