Assignment details

Location: White Gum Valley 6162

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 45 days

Dates: 15-Dec-2018 - 28-Jan-2019

Requirements: Basic older style family house 3x2 only 5 minutes from the beach

in Fremantle area White Gum Valley lovely suburb with parks, golf course, local cafes and restaurants, Sunday farmers market nearby etc.

house is cool in summer with fans and a/c and has a lovely relaxed feeling.

looking for care for our dogs who are part of the family ie indoors and outside,

and need to be taken on a walk at least once a day fed twice a day and given love in the form of pats and play.

They are also happy to just laze about a lot of the time.

Experience with dogs is essential I can give some guidence on how I manage them at home and in public but it is essential that you be confidant with giving commands and relaxed about normal dog behaviour (that at times can be a little challenging).

Watering of plants on very hot days just keep everything alive basically and pick up dog poop.

Children welcome preferably older children obviously young children need to be supervised around dogs at all times, our dogs love attention but may react badly to having fur and tail pulled, being poked in the eye etc.

If we were not heading off to India on retreat we would love to be home here in summer in beautiful Perth, this represents a really great opportunity for a lovely holiday.

We would prefer that the applicant does not work full time as the dogs do need human interaction otherwise they may dig, chew and bark too much, we love our neighbours too! and don't want to come home to a destroyed house, yard or grumpy neighbours.

The dogs love trips to the beach and nearby nature trails we hope you do too this would be a bonus.

If you cook a lot of meat we ask you do this on the bbq outside and smoking outside is ok as long as buts are disposed of properly.

No drugs or parties...we like the good vibes we have here.

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