Assignment details

Location: Denhams Beach 2536

Region: South Eastern

State: New South Wales

Duration: 45 days

Dates: 01-Oct-2018 - 15-Nov-2018

Requirements: Hi my name is Jillie and I live on the beautiful NSW South Coast. My partner and I will be away for around 6 weeks. Basically we have about 4 chooks and a bantam who need feeding, as well as our canary Thomas plus I feed the wild birds each day. Our cottage is about 3-4 minutes walk to Denhams Beach. Our place has 3 bedrooms and an office plus sun room. It is a cottage not a grand place but quite cute with a lovely garden although with the drought it is certainly not looking its best. The garden needs to be watered 3 times weekly and the pots most days if they have dried out. It would be great if you enjoyed the garden and liked flowers.

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