Assignment details

Location: South Perth 6151

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 71 days

Dates: 02-Jul-2018 - 10-Sep-2018

Requirements: We live in South Perth close to cafes and are a stones' throw away from the river and park. We live in a large 2 story house and have a lady who cleans the house weekly, so there is no need for cleaning or looking after the garden. We have wifi and heating. Our dog Spyke is our priority. He is a large dog and requires walking daily. He does not like other dogs, so he needs to be mussled and held firmly on the leash, as he gets very excitable when he comes across other dogs. We need someone who is a dog lover and preferably strong enough to handle him on his walks. Thank you kindly.

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Our home complete with Spyke the dog for security.
Our dog