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Location: Edge Hill 4870

Region: Far North

State: Queensland

Duration: 73 days

Dates: 20-Mar-2018 - 31-May-2018

Requirements: The house is located just north of Cairns city, close to the botanic gardens and airport. Edge Hill is a lovely part of the city, leafy and green, with shops and restaurants nearby. We have a large backyard to enjoy the peaceful rain forest setting.

The main responsibility would be looking after my animals. Marlo is an old black Labrador, exceptionally friendly, and just looking for company (and snacks). He is usually fed twice a day, and taken for a short walk each evening. The chickens, Rita and Ruby like to wonder the backyard, before being fed inside their pen daily. They need to be locked up each night and let out each morning. The cat Milla is completely indoors. She has an automatic feeder so basically only requires litter box cleaning, changing her water bowl, and lots of cuddles. I also have an Eclectus parrot Ollie, who will likely be placed into a special care facility, as he requires lots of attention and a specialized diet.

Also, if there's no rain around, we have pot plants that would require watering.

I am away for two separate trips around this time, and will be back for a few days in between. I am happy to have one person looking after the animals the whole time, or split, whichever works best.

21 Mar - 15 Apr

All of May

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