• Suburb : DOREEN 3754
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 8 days
  • Arrive : 27-Dec-2021
  • Depart : 03-Jan-2022
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats, Fish
  • Special features : Families Welcome, No Garden Care
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


Hi, my daughter Kacey (12) and I are hoping to go away for a week down to the beach, we currently rent our house (4 years) and have wonderful neighbours. The street is fairly quiet as everyone has kids so cars don't generally drive fast. Many of the kids ride bikes, scooters and skateboards down the hill, and this is known to everyone.

We're after a house sitter to please look after our house and animals. We have a Chocolate Labrador, aged 7 named Thor (we call him Thorzy Bear). Thorzy loves cuddles, and pats, and more cuddles. He's a big sook actually and loves to sleep on my bed, on top of me... but he gets hot and ends up jumping off and sleeping on his own bed. Thorzy will easily walk with you and is happy enough to stay outside if you wanted to go to the movies or shopping, but he absolutely loves company and knows how to use his doggy door so will always go outside when needed. I've forgotten to open the doggy door a few times and he's held on until the morning when I discover the closed door - phew!

We also have a Tabby Cat, aged 7 named Fluffy - Fluffy is a boy who was originally mistaken as a girl when we first got him when he was 5 weeks old, low and behold, the vet set us straight and we didn't change his name. Recently I accidentally ran over Fluffy's leg with my big 4WD... he stayed in hospital overnight and is back to his normal self... in fact the very day after we picked him up from hospital, he ripped his pain patch off his skin and has been cuddling me ever since... I think he forgives me. Luckily for both him and I, nothing was broken, I haven't even seen him limp... though I'm 100% sure it definitely happened. Fluffy is allowed outside but over night, when he loudly knocks on our door, his first stop is the laundry where he sleeps, eats and does his business, so I close the laundry door for the night and lock him in. If you don't, he'll make his way outside and forever be knocking, or he'll run around the house at all hours of the night waking you up. We've done this since we first had Fluffy so he's very used to his little room.

Lastly we have a Fish Tank with 2x clown loaches, 1x silver shark, 1x lemon blue eyed sucker fish and 2x red nosed tetra's, their light is manually turned on in the morning, they are fed (the clown loaches are so funny during this time), then around 8pm we turn off their light. We did have a timer for the light, however this shorted out and I haven't replaced it yet. We've had the tank for about a year, it doesn't need managing, just a single cube of frozen blood worm a day and they're fine. I also check to make sure they still have bubbles flowing through the water - very easy to keep, and therapeutic.

Kacey and I would really love our Thorzy, Fluffy and our fish to be fed and cuddled (well, not the fish), no need to clean out the litter, tank or pick up poo (though Thor is a big 35kg dog who does big poo... so to avoid the land mines, I would recommend this every couple of days haha.

Our house has lots of toys, a tv in the lounge, living and main bedroom all with netflix, binge, and disney, the living also has foxtel. Gas cooking appliances and there's gas in the gas bottle for the BBQ. We have a trampoline out the back fully enclosed and a cupboard full of tins. The garage is a double, however you can only park 1 car in there because of the shelving units, and both remote controls work. Plenty of weeds to pull out if you feel inclined, though this is absolutely not necessary, for us it's all about our pets feeling safe and loved.

Please contact me if you think this is something you're looking for.

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