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Location: Dromana 3936

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 14 days

Dates: 16-May-2019 - 29-May-2019

Requirements: hi there,

i am wanting a reliable house sitter to look after my house and pets.

i live in Dromana near the beach. there are nice restuarnts closeby and lots of wineries.

i have a 9yr border collie needing dietry supplements added to her food, Also a 2yr old border collie. Both will need a walk every day if posssible. i also have three cats (one is really timid with new people), which are indoor although they have a cat run to play in and three chooks, which have an enclosure but love to roam in the backyard for a few hours.

i will need to meet u before may 2019.


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