• Suburb : WOOMBYE 4559
  • Region : Sunshine Coast
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 8 days
  • Arrive : 21-Dec-2022
  • Depart : 28-Dec-2022
  • Pet care required : Cats
  • Special features :
  • Location : Supermarket


Taking care of two kittens (5 months and 9 months) while I'm away on holidays. Benjamin is the older of the two and is a sphynx. He will have all of his maintenance done before I leave and will only require cuddles and love. He does not enjoy male (human) company and will attack so this position will only be open to FEMALES. Benjamin does not have eyelashes so I would like a NON-SMOKER as this can cause irritation or potential infection.

Alfie is a rescue DSH. He can be very timid and scared, however he will warm up will gentle pats and voices. He is very noisy and I'm hoping by the time you visit I will have this more under control.

The boys are raw fed. All their meals will be prepared before I leave and will only require you to add water and serve. All their food is frozen and kept separately to the main freezer. They eat both morning and evening, with no limitation on how much they want, however they self regulate and will stop once they are full. I have treats in the cupboard that you are welcome to give.

There litters (3) will need scooped daily as they do go a lot (due to raw feeding) and maybe changed once in the time you have been here.

I would like someone to stay every night with the exception of Christmas day and Christmas eve, I understand this is family time, so if you could drop in morning and evening to feed and check the litters that would be fine. I would be ideal for you to have a reliable car in case of an emergency. I will leave vet and emergency vet numbers in case they are required and you need to take either one.

If you wish to go out during the day or go to work, that is completely fine. I mainly want someone here during the night time.

I will leave food in the fridge and cupboard, coffee and tea which you can help yourself too. I will also pay you to take care of my boys. You will receive payment once I am back (on the 28th $200+) and I can see the boys are well taken care of and the house has been well kept. I would also like daily updates so I know they are going okay and give me peace of mind with an occasional photo.

If you are interested in this position, please get in contact. I would love you to meet the boys before I go away so they feel comfortable and I do as well. Please understand this is the first time I'm leaving them so I am very nervous.

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