Assignment details

Location: Thurgoona 2640

Region: Murray

State: New South Wales

Duration: 66 days

Dates: 12-Jun-2019 - 16-Aug-2019

Requirements: A three bedroom house in Thurgoona on the outskirts of Albury NSW, I room is used as a study. both the others have large beds,one double and the other Queen.

I have a dog called Tiger, a Staffie rescue dog. The back garden is enclosed and he has never tried to get out even if the gate is left open. he does come into the house and spends most evenings curled up next to my chair. He has a kennel outside but sleeps on his mat in the laundry. I do not allow him to climb on the chairs in the house. A friendly lovable hound who does not like travelling in a car and gets sick when he has to do so.

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