Assignment details

Location: Dunoon 2480

Region: Richmond-Tweed

State: New South Wales

Duration: 29 days

Dates: 01-Sep-2019 - 29-Sep-2019

Requirements: We live on a 36 acre property which is also a coffee tree farm. We have (at the moment) two pugs, one is 14 and the other one is 8. Both are a bit geriatric so they do need a lot of attention! The girl, Penny had an operation on her discs and therefore can’t walk properly. The boy, Barney, is totally deaf, almost blind and very loud. We need (preferably) an older couple who are willing to take care of the pugs and the pool, and live in our house, keeping it neat and tidy until we return. We would expect that they know something about dogs, have transport and are capable of looking after things whilst we are away. There might even be some work for them in the office, if they are so inclined. The only stipulation is that they take care of our pugs and our home. The work part is negotiable as we do have someone who can take care of this side of things if necessary.

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an aerial pic of our property