Assignment details

Location: Upper Coomera 4209

Region: Gold Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 9 days

Dates: 09-Aug-2019 - 17-Aug-2019

Requirements: I live in a 3 bedroom house on the northern end of the Gold Coast. It is approx. 20 minutes to the beach; 40 minutes to Brisbane city; 5 minutes to local train station and the new Westfield Coomera shopping centre with other shopping centres closeby.

The house backs onto a small park/reserve and is in a quiet area.

I have 2 medium sized dogs (kelpie x) and 1 cat. My cat is an indoor cat; dogs are outside during the day and sleep inside at night time (but will love to be inside with you during the day if you don't mind)

Both dogs enjoy going for walks but one of them can be reactive to other dogs so you need to be on guard as to what/who is approaching :) Both dogs are obedient trained and participate in multiple dog sports (tracking, agility, lure coursing). Preference will be given to those who have experience with med to large dogs as these boys are both strong dogs but are also big sooks.

I will have detailed printed notes for you and all food will be prepared in containers so it will easy to look after meal times.

Sorry, this assignment has been closed.

Mischka -- the cat (yes she's allowed outside with her harness on)
This is Kodah (6 yrs old)
queen sized bed; chest of drawers, side table and hanging space in wardrobe.
my 2 gorgeous dogs --- happy for santa photo.
here they are again :)
lounge room
kitchen with all the usual gadgets --- fridge, freezers, microwave, thermomix, slow cooker +++++
bath in the main bathroom
dining area
back yard
This is Hudson (3yrs old)