Assignment details

Location: Altona Meadows 3028

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 30 days

Dates: 19-Sep-2018 - 19-Oct-2018

Requirements: We have a special couple of fur kids and so are needing a special person/persons. Our resident pirate - one eyed 17 yr old golden retriever who we rescued at 14, she is very lively still and likes still to go on walks and plays at the park! Since her rescue she has a new lease on life but due to her age we are looking for someone who would be able to care for her - she isnt on any meds other than glucosamine but we have to watch her good eye and give her an eye drop once a day which is easy as. She is not your expected old lady, she can and will outrun you some days. Our other is a 9 yr old border collie who is very very well behaved, loves his ball and needs lots of adventure, walks, runs, bike rides, swims you name it... he is in! so we need someone who is active and willing to manage both of them. The golden will go on adventures just the shorter ones. Our place is a 3bd house in Western suburbs about half hr from CBD, internet and netflix incl, surrounded by parks and the beach 5 mins away, have a big yard and will be leaving the car. We are nervous because we will be far away in Africa so want someone who would be able to have them both, adventure and look out for our old girls good eye. We had someone lined up but they had to pull out. We have never had any issues previously when they have been minded and we have been away.

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our old lady B
the ball he refuses to give up on.