• Suburb : Avoca 2577
  • Region : Illawarra
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 45 days
  • Arrive : 30-Nov-2018
  • Depart : 13-Jan-2019


*******************AVOCA BEACH, CENTRAL COAST NSW.********** This site will not let me access and correct the location field!!!!!!!!

I have a Cavoodle and two Burmese cats whose care is of paramount importance during my absence over Christmas. Genevieve, my dog, requires a good long daily walk or two shorter walks. She is very attached to me and the person who comes to stay and look after her will require patience, tenderness, understanding and give her lots of gentle loving. She will love you back and be devoted to you. My two cats, being Burmese, love and need human company and attention. These three critters are my major concern. Their care is pivotal.

We live in a fairly new, light, bright, tiny wee cottage. It is really only suitable for one person and I would prefer a "stay at home single" to come stay.

Our home is situated in a quaint holiday/residential resort in a beach suburb. There is a lovely pool area you are welcome to use during the hot weather. There is a delightful buzzing holiday atmosphere here during the Christmas period.

Ideally the person who comes to stay will be a homebody, preferably. Somebody who's happy to swing in a hammock on the summer shaded verandah, reading or dozing. To be company for my pets.

I am a very clean person. I expect a high level of cleanliness to be maintained throughout our home. Also to exercise care in the use of appliances, furnishing, cabinetry etc.. This requires a high level of conscientiousness.

I have a small garden and some pot plants which will need watering during the hot weeks I'm away please.

I need references, written and verbal, and if possible a recent police check.

I look forward to hearing from possible suitable pet/housesitters.

Thank you

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