Assignment details

Location: Ormeau 4208

Region: Gold Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 6 days

Dates: 19-Apr-2019 - 24-Apr-2019

Requirements: Hello, ws have 2 little dogs Max is a Maltese and Tilly is amaltese cross chihuahua. We also have a cat Bandit he is 19. Bandit pretty much sleeps all day is no problem. Max and Tilly like their walks but if you're not keen to wLk them they will be fine until we get home. They will wake you at night if the need to do a wee but pretty much sleep through the night.

They are quite human lol if you ask them a question like do you want to go out they will wag their tailes if they don't wag tbeir tails then they want something else so you just ask and they'll tell you. They are very easy to look after they love their treaties.

They are our kids really as we don't have children.

We live 10mins north of Wet n Wild, Movie World and Dreamworld. We have the new Coomera Town Centre near us and lots of restaurants all so Helensvale Westfield, Harbour Town and then going nortb The hyperdome.

We are half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Paradise point is another place to visit on the water and we often have a Baskin n Robbins ice cream while we sit on the water. We are going down to Sydney to visit my father in law who is not well and recently lost his wife. My husbands mum. Thank you for your help we really appreciate it.

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