• Region : Sunshine Coast
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 19 days
  • Arrive : 03-Apr-2022
  • Depart : 21-Apr-2022
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


4 bedroom new home in quiet estate, corner block, close bush walking tracks, glass house mountain climbs and scenic hinterland to explore.

30 minutes from the beach and Sunshine Coast.

Fresh guest room and bathroom, office space and internet if needed, ducted aircon throughout, minimal garden requirements (watering if not raining) - home grown veggies, herbs and fruits to indulge in.

2 dogs - Kelpie (7y) and Border collie (2y), well loved, regularly trained (agility, nose work, sheep herding), raw fed who live an enriched life, yet calm. Needing medication (hide in food) daily and lots of love!

Enrichment and exercise can be walks, to the local coffee shop, good pathways, hiding food, tug of war or games in the yard, then lots of calm time, crate trained if required, they sleep most of the day and both have a good off-switch to self soothe and relax.

Can show you fun games they love to play.

Great neighbours if any help is needed.

Emergency contacts (family) 30 minutes away if needed.

Most importantly - must love dogs!

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