• Suburb : Tallwoods Village 2430
  • Region : Mid-North Coast
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 39 days
  • Arrive : 04-May-2019
  • Depart : 11-Jun-2019
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


I need someone to look after my beautiful Ruby. Ruby is an Australian Shepherd and loves to catch a ball, she is house trained and very responsive to commands except when it comes to taking her combined worm tick etc tablet. Ruby likes to go for a walk but pulls for the first few minutes and then settles down. Ruby also loves to go in the car, she travels well and usually sleeps throughout the trip. I sometimes take Ruby down to the shops at Hallidays Point and tie her to a chair out front, invariably when I get back to her she has attracted admirers, she is also friendly with other dogs and loves attention from other people. I don't leave Ruby in the car alone, if she cannot see me when left in the car she gets very distressed. Ruby does have a pet hate, my neighbours a couple of homes down have greyhounds, Ruby believes they should not walk past her home and she becomes very vocal when they walk past, she runs from the front door to the side gate and lets them know she objects to them walking past. Another little bad trait is that Ruby feels she should sometimes share my food, if she gets too annoying she is then put outside until she learns some manners.

I would also like to have someone who would look after my garden and mow the lawn with my self propelled battery operated lawn mower.

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