Assignment details

Location: Greenwith 5125

Region: Adelaide

State: South Australia

Duration: 17 days

Dates: 29-Jun-2019 - 15-Jul-2019

Requirements: I have 2 dogs - a mini labradoodle, Rollo who will be 4 and an elderly spoodle - Rupert, who will be 13 1/2, and has arthritis. They are both about 12 kg. They have a daily walk - I work permanent nights, so they are walked in the afternoon/evenings. You are welcome to walk them whenever you like, but if you do a morning walk, they are quite likely to ask again in the afternoon as that's when they always walk!! The dogs are predominantly inside but have free access to outside through a dog door. I also have a 5 year old cat, Ferdie. He is an inside/outside cat. He sleeps inside at night, and once he is in I shut the dog door, so the dogs will need to be let out once or twice. If they are toileted before bedtime they will easily last 10-12 hrs before needing to go outside again. Once I am up and around for the day, I let Ferdie out and he happily wanders around the neighborhood - often coming in during the day. He is a little timid, so not sure how much interaction he will have with you, although he is very affectionate with me and will happily spend the evening draped across me! All the animals sleep on the bed with me, but that is up to you to negotiate with them! I suspect the cat will sleep on my bed, and the dogs may want to be near you.

I have Netflix, Foxtel, and up to 1000GB wifi. My kitchen is old, but functional. Instant gas hot water and a gas-fire combustion heater. All beds have electric blankets. There is a Queen size bed and a spare king single if you need it.

There are lots of great walking trails within a couple of km's of my house where the dogs can walk off-lead if you are happy to let them. Rupert occasionally needs carrying. He is on daily medication - mixed in with his food, and I will ensure that he has just had his monthly arthritis injection and acupuncture prior to my leaving, so that he is at his best while you are here!

My house is 4km from Golden Grove Village shopping centre- Woolworths, IGA, Big W and many specialty stores. I am also 1km from a full size IGA and 2.5km from another Woolworths, and around 10km from Westfield Tea Tree Plaza - spoiled for choice.

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Comfy lounge room, 60" tv
Teakles Ruins, another close walk in Cobblers Creek park
Ferdie - 5yrs old
kitchen - dining. Old, but functional
Small outdoor area
Ferdie, Rupert and Rollo
Cobblers Creek recreation park only a couple of km's away
Super comfy Queen size bed
Lots of great walking trails with-in walking, or close driving distance of my house
Spare room with king single bed
Rupert has arthritis and needs steps to get on the bed
13 year old Rupert. a spoodle
3 yr old Rollo, with the remnants of an orange - he loves to chase/eat fruit