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Location: Bathurst 2795

Region: Central West

State: New South Wales

Duration: 10 days

Dates: 28-Dec-2017 - 06-Jan-2018

Requirements: Hi there, we are interested in finding someone/s willing to house sit from 28 December 2017 to 6 January 2018. We are Kim and Graeme (54 and 58) and we are visiting our daughter who lives in Newcastle. We are very flexible and if you want to come earlier and leave later that's fine so you can check out Bathurst and surrounds.

We live in Bathurst NSW. We have two dogs - Django a 4 year old Staffordshire and Olive a 2 year old Southern Cross Bulldog. Django is very well behaved and a big softie with the world on his shoulders, Olive can still in puppy mind and can be naughty - don't leave anything outside and make sure you wind the clothes line up - she is getting better but best to be safer than sorry.

We have two cats - Willy who is 9 years old and is an inside/outside cat and spends most of his time on the lounge out the front, and Paris who is approx. 18 months old and is just an indoors cat, we do not allow her outside for safety - our street is busy and it's not easy for me to let her out as we recently lost a loved one to a car.

We also have 4 chooks in a coop in our yard who will provide you with eggs and are very low maintenance - check their food and water once a week. The bedding in their coop will be cleaned when we leave so it should be OK.

There is a yard but we have sprinklers on timers on most of it so it's a matter of just turning on the timer it's just really the pots.

We have a three bedroom house with living room, sunroom, kitchen, bathroom. You would be welcome to whatever is in the freezer and there will be a car that you could use.

The dogs are walked occasionally but it's not an easy task for one person as Olive can still be a handful so we would not expect this to be done.

Bathurst is a lovely country town and no doubt my mother would be down to say hi whilst we are away to see the animals, throw some water around also and to feed the chooks some scraps. We also have other relatives in town so we can give you their contact details for any help you may need.

We'd love someone who would obviously like animals to house sit. Our house is walking distance to down town Bathurst also.

Kim & Graeme

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The Chooks
Django & Olive