• Suburb : Piora 2470
  • Region : Richmond-Tweed
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 28 days
  • Arrive : 03-May-2024
  • Depart : 30-May-2024
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Livestock, Chickens
  • Special features :
  • Location :


Dog Sitting for Daisy - older dog , 10kg white poodle mix, in good health but needs medication morning and night (a tablet she eats without a fuss)

Daisy is deaf but has adjusted to life without sound and will look around for you, wave at her and she will come.

Daisy sleeps in her bed in your bedroom and will wake when you get up and you can let her out. (I turn lights out about 10pm and get up about 7am)

I make her two meals fresh everyday and add powered supplements with a bit of coconut/olive oil to mix it up.

She has breakfast at 7-9am and dinner at 5-6pm. (I make breakfast and dinner and put one in the fridge for later).

Food choices, boiled eggs, can of tuna (2 meals) , cheese is a topping, fried egg, veggies (carrots, broccoli, potato, sweet potato), cooked chicken, raw lamb. If i have carrots then i make extra for Daisy and she will eat them over a few days with egg, tuna, meat added. When I make eggs for myself then I will make 2 eggs for 2 meals.

As a companion dog, Daisy likes to see you and will follow you around the house and lay in her beds.

At home she doesn't need to be walked as she walks herself around the house, just leave one of the doors ajar for her to duck out.

Daisy likes car rides and enjoys walking on a lead.

When going to Casino for groceries, you can leave her at home but longer trips you will need to take her with you.

We also have 6 chickens (fresh eggs for you)

There are also 3 donkeys, Kit, Grace and Clay. They were wild when we got them 3 months ago but because they like the hay very much and you will be able to hand feed them, if you want or leave the feed in the buckets.

The queen bedroom has an ensuite. The kitchen is 3 months old with a gas stove and large fridge. The house is off grid with solar and filtered tank water. The house is 25 minutes from Casino, NSW off a dirt road on a hill that has a 180 degree view of nature. We are an hour and a half from Byron, an hour from Lismore, 35 mins from Kyogle and just over an hour to Tenterfield. We have flatmate who lives in a self-contained unit on the property. He is great with machines but not with dogs, hence I need a pet sitter. We say hello every day but our housemate is quiet and friendly but also keeps to himself. You won't see him most days until after 10am.

If you a looking for a quiet, nature view away from the hustle and bustle then this is a beautiful spot.

Things for you to do.

Look after Daisy.

Relax - we have 250 acres for you to explore with a creek down a grass road and caves about a 30 min walk.

I would really appreciate it if the lawn around the house could be mowed once or twice, depending on sun and rain (NOT the paddocks in the pictures) takes about 30 mins. The housemate has a bad back and can't do this.

The chickens - the housemate can collect eggs daily, check their water, fill their seed holder (lasts about 5 days) . But if you want to do this then let us know but I would like it if you could give the chickens your food scraps, everything except potato skins.

If you want to feed the donkeys by hand or in a bucket or the housemate can do this.

I would really appreciate it if you could water the plants on the outside of the house next to your room, as needed - my housemate is not so good with this one.

Please drop me a line if interested and I'll be happy to answer any questions, provide extra pics etc. (house pics coming shortly)

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