Assignment details

Location: Bentley Park 4869

Region: Far North

State: Queensland

Duration: 20 days

Dates: 22-Mar-2019 - 10-Apr-2019

Requirements: My wife and I live in a 3 bedroom property in Cairns Southern suburb called Bently Park. Our Street is lovely and neighbours are very friendly. The house is on an 800sq block with generous green spaces. We have two friendly cats that are trained to be indoor /outdoor. The house is very cosy and installed with air conditioning systems. The house is close to shopping centres in the area, however, you will need to drive or cycle to get there in 5-10 mints. We have a bicycle in the shed with a lock that you are welcome to you if you wish. We have Netflix and wifi setup that you can connect to during your stay. Our cats get fed wet food every night around 8 pm and they are not allowed to go outside after. In the morning the cat litter is cleaned every and the cats are let out again. You would like the house sitter to come in a few days early so we can run you through the basics and you are welcome to stay a day or two after we arrive for a handover if you wish. We do have gardening tools, a herb garden. If the grass gets out of hand, we do have a 4 stroke lawn mower than you are welcome to use.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask =-)

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Living Room
Our 2-year-old Ragdoll Smokey
The Backyard. The lawn generally gets done once a fortnight in summer.
Our 2 year old domestic hair Stormey