Assignment details

Location: Corlette 2315

Region: Hunter

State: New South Wales

Duration: 22 days

Dates: 24-Apr-2019 - 15-May-2019

Requirements: 2 x female dogs to care for. 1 x German Shepherd -2 years old, 1 x Foxy-10 years old. Good natured and trained. They are fed once per day, at night and exersice daily. The house is a 4 bedroom house with large low maitenance backyard, we have 2 rooms for you, one empty for your bags and other things and the other is your bedroom, the large bathroom has separate bathtub and shower. It is a short walk to Bagnall Beach, an off leash dog beach, close to shops both in Nelson Bay and Salamander Shopping Centre. The house requirement are for the house is to keep it tidy, the lawns watered 1-2 times per week, the bins taken out and the dogs to be cared for as they were your own. The German Shepherd requires a walk at least every second day, the off leash dog beach is perfect she will chase a ball for you for the entire time. She is very friendly, we have fully socialised this dog, with small children and dogs. The foxy is not as easy to walk, she doesn't like other dogs so she gets walked around the block on the leash at least every third day. She is fine to stay in the yard while you walk the Shepard. She may be 10 years old but has energy and loves a walk. We recommend walking them seperately. The dogs are allowed inside, but that's up to you. They sleep outside.

We have 2 kayaks and a mountain bike for your use, the house has a weights room, if you're interested, 2 living spaces and an open kitchen and dining area.

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