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Location: WOODLANDS 2575

Region: Illawarra

State: New South Wales

Duration: 36 days

Dates: 18-Jun-2017 - 23-Jul-2017

Requirements: We live on a 15 acre small holding with a house cow (and calf), chooks, ducks, and three friendly dogs. The property is solar passive, partly solar-powered and runs on organic permaculture principles. We are not isolated and we have very friendly and supportive neighbours within 1 km if you needed advice/help or just company. The person/people we are looking for would need to be very practical and have an understanding of pumps, wet-back solid fuel stoves, old-fashioned solar panels and chain saws. A prior experience of animal husbandry and milking is also essential. They would milk the cow and take care of all the animals twice daily. There are two large vegetable gardens and a large number of fruit trees which need watering, and you would be welcome to enjoy the fruits of your labours (fresh fruit, veggies, milk, eggs). You would be cutting wood and making fires every day to heat water for bathing and washing up, and keeping warm. It's really a two person opportunity - it's a huge amount of work for one person. We would love to be able to get away more often so if this works for us both it could become an ongoing thing. We'd love to talk to you.

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