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Location: Baldivis 6171

Region: Perth

State: Western Australia

Duration: 9 days

Dates: 24-Feb-2019 - 04-Mar-2019

Requirements: Hi,

We are looking for a very special house sitter to come and spend time with our fur baby wombat. Wombat is the most loavable easy going dog that we have ever had the pleasure to call our family member. Wombat is generally very well behaved , he loves cuddles and pats, playing with water, chasing the touch light and his nightly walk and to sleep as close to us as we will allow. Most nights he sleeps in our sons bed with him but we understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Wombat has never been left alone at night so we are looking for someone that can guarantee they will be here with him. I work from home so generally in the day he sleeps by my desk but he knows we have to leave the house to go and hunt for some nice yummy treats for him. As long as we leave him with some toys and treats to occupy him he is generally happy to have some time outside being a ‘real’ dog and he knows led that his love of digging holes isn’t making mummy very happy.

Wombat is a 65 kg bull mastiff so we most certainly need some one who is confident with a large lump of sloppy kisses.

We know that wombat will be sad while we are away so nana might drop round on her way home from work just to let him know that he is a good boy and we will be back from holidays very soon. If you think he is very sad we will face time him and send him lots of love.

So as you can read , we are looking for a very special person to be wombats best friend. Oh by the way wombat has 2 free range fur kitty older brothers that come and go as they please. They don’t like there baby brother very much and will mainly just meow for dinner and a pat then go off to visit our neighbors down the street and getting a second dinner.

We live in a nice street in a 10 year old house it’s very comfortable and internet tv Netflix Stan Optus tv will all be at your use. We have a split system air con for those warm days. We are a 5 min walk to the shopping centre.

Please no time wasters please only apply if you are a genuine large dog lover


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Wombats fav thing to do
Wombat and daddy cuddles
Water play