• Suburb : Spring Farm 2570
  • Region : Sydney
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 11 days
  • Arrive : 31-Jul-2020
  • Depart : 10-Aug-2020
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


Hi, my husband and I require a reliable and trusting pet/house sitter to take care of our home and pets.

About us:

Well.... we are a young couple, who are shift workers. Due to our crazy work hours our hobbies generally revolve around chilling at home on our days off. (we are not good about talking about ourselves haha) We live in a 3 bedroom townhouse....with a tiny yard, so its low maintenance. Our house is within walking distance to shops and is a 5 minute drive to the local shopping centre, public transport ie bus stops are also close to home.

About our pets:

We have 2 dogs, an American Staffy and German Shepard, 4 indoor only cats, 2 scorpions and fish.

Our cats are strictly indoor only, they'll take a bit of time to warm up but when they do they're very cuddly and talkative. They are all rescues, 3 of them we rescued as kittens and one was around 1 years of age. Duties regarding cats are filling up water bowls, feeding and cleaning their litter trays and lots of cuddles and love.

Our dogs, though a handful are also very friendly our American Staffy is more cat than dog (grew up with cats) and enjoys snoozing on his part of the couch. Our German Shepard loves pats and hugs and is the typical dog who's always up for a walk or game of fetch. They both love going to the near by dog park and we would like someone who is comfortable handling two large dogs and take them to the park (if weather permits) or a walk. Dogs can come inside when someone is at home, however stay outside at night and when we leave the house.

Duties for the dogs include filling water bowls every morning and night (the shepard likes to play in water), cleaning the yard of poops, feeding, walks each day (if weather permits) and lots of love and cuddles.

Also with so many pets, surprisingly they all get along.....yes cats clean dogs, dogs snooze with cats lol.

Our 2 scorpions will only require water every few days and a few squirts of water each day (no handling is required). The water they need is in a form or a gel that is kept in the fridge (it's not as bad as you may think lol). PS I hated when they hubby got them but they've grown on me.

We have 2 fish tanks and only one will require the light to be turned on, the other tank is on a timed light. Both tanks will not require feeding as we will give them a week block of food.

Trust me, taking care of this many pets, plus working can become overwhelming. Thus we are looking for a mature, trustworthy couple who will take care of the house and pets.

This is also the first time we'll be leaving our fur babies for this long and want someone who can handle taking care of so many animals. If you feel you can take on the amount of responsibility and treat our home and pets as your own then please contact us.

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