• Suburb : W Tree 3885
  • Region : East Gippsland
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 133 days
  • Arrive : 12-Oct-2019
  • Depart : 21-Feb-2020
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features : Caravan Parking, Families Welcome
  • Location : Public Transport



In Australia, we live in a small vibrant community of about 85 people in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in East Gippsland, Victoria, 80 km from Lakes Entrance and 20 kms north of Buchan. The valley is the home of two ecovillages, one Tibetan Buddhist center, a number of different eco sensitive, creative & entrepreneurial people. Ours is one of those ecovillages. Located in the Southern edge of the valley it was established in 1981. On that same year Bill Mollison―father of permaculture― stayed in our ecovillage designing a permaculture plan.

The ecovillage has 50 hectares. It consists of 5 houses built around a veggie garden and an orchard, surrounded by the Australian bush with little pockets of Gondwanian rainforest. This is a very old land where wildlife lives without predators. Kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, rosellas, kookaburras and king parrots can be seen from the house. Koalas live 20 km up the road while lyrebirds can be heard at all times.

We live in sacred land, a land protected by the ancestors of those who walked it since the beginning. It is a land that has never been stained by war, so the vibrational imprint is very pure.

The eco-village is located on the slopes of Mt Murrindal, which in the Gunai Kurnai language means thunderbolt. From a feng-shui perspective Mt Murrindal is the head of a dragon, it is the point of intersection of two ley lines and a place that 350 million years ago had active volcanoes.


We are ideally looking for a couple or family who wants to experience life in a sustainable community setting. Our way of understanding the exchange with our surroundings involves a giving-receiving dynamic. We devote time to nurture the place and the community (give) to be able to enjoy the beauty of the place and take part on community social activities (receiving). We base our giving and receiving in the andean concept of AYNI (reciprocal exchange). That helps us seek a balance among activities.

GIVING: as part of the exchange, the following responsibilities need to be addressed.

- We have a garden that belongs to the house that needs care (not extensive)

- There is also a veggie garden and other activities and infrastructure that is communal. Responsibilities for these are shared. Therefore, skills** and some weekly time devoted to those is also required. Our dynamic consists of giving a list of tasks from which you can choose which ones to address. Contribution needs to be about 9 hours a week.

- Energy consumption awareness. We run on rain water, solar electricity and wood heater (in winter). Therefore, we request to consume what you need with awareness.

** Skills to help look after a veggie garden; carpentry; building infrastructure such as a hot house & infraestructure repairs and restoration


- There are two houses in our 5 acres property area. Both are cozy and comfortable. You will stay in one of them.

- As a benefit to investing time in the Veggie garden, you will enjoy the produce. About 70% of what we consume comes from our garden or community food coop.

- Enjoy shopping in the community food cooperative, 10 minutes away from our place (walking) or just 2 minutes driving.

-Meditation Room **

-Mats and a massage bed (for yoga and massage therapy) **

-Extensive library

-Co working space (like an studio to work, design or study)**

- Internet **

- Community social activities: the bigger community (W Tree) hosts several activities. Some are weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly.

-Support from and exchange with the other active members and our friends from W Tree, who will treat you as family.

-Beautiful landscapes within the community surroundings: meditation spot, inkan temple, giant land; riverside; mt. murrindal; tea tree pool; SIBBA meditation center.

- Nearby attractions: Buchan caves, Buchan bluff, snowy river, beach at lakes entrance or lake tyres

** items that need to be discussed further in detail once you get in touch.


We are Alejandra and Marc, a couple with complementary skills and abilities guided by their shared values and cosmovision. Marc was born in the Catalan Pyrenees, in the land of the Ceretani, a branch of the Iberians. Alejandra was born in Entre Ríos (between rivers), a province in center-east Argentina.

Nowadays, we live

- Part time in Australia, in the land of the Gunaikurnai, an aboriginal nation of the Australian South-east.

- Part time in Argentina, in land whose ancestors are the Guaranies (center east AR) and Comechingon (center-west AR)

- Other places when we have to work and stay abroad. (mainly the southern hemisphere)

These three places (Argentina, Australia and Catalonia) constitute three corners of Earth. This tells us that, alongside with the connection to our ancestral lands, we need to extend our arms to embrace as much diversity as possible; perhaps, by living between these locations, we are trying to embrace the whole planet.


Together, we run projects aiming at:

- Helping restore ecological balance,

- Build bridges between cultures, and

- Prompt the rediscovery of the Self.

We are both ecosocial entrepreneurs that have made of the projects our life mission and a vision for the future.

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