Assignment details

Location: ANNANDALE 2038

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 30 days

Dates: 30-Apr-2016 - 29-May-2016

Requirements: The house is a two bedroom terrace close to transport to the city.

I have two dogs and two cats. The cats are self-caring but like being talked to, as do the dogs.

One dog needs to go walking twice per day. The other dogs is 16 years old and needs to be taken out to the grassed front lawn area to do his business, otherwise he sleeps a lot. The last time I was away a friend, who is not available, looked after my house and told me the old dog occasionally had accidents in the house, but as he can only get to hard surfaces and it is very easy to clean.

I will provide the name and address of my vet in case one of the animals get sick. I would expect the house-sitter to take them to the vet if they got sick or injured. Having said that, they are all in very good health.

I have cleaners come in weekly and am prepared to keep this going while I am away.

There are a couple of plants to water.

The house sitter can have use of my car (Honda Accord) so long as they have a current drive's license and no history of traffic infringements. They need to be over 30 years of age, my car insurance would cover them but they would need to agree to pay for the excess on the insurance in the event of an accident. They would also need to leave petrol in the tank.

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