• Suburb : Bentleigh 3204
  • Region : Melbourne
  • State : Victoria
  • Duration : 18 days
  • Arrive : 07-Aug-2019
  • Depart : 24-Aug-2019
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats
  • Special features : No Garden Care
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


My husband and I have 4kids; 11yrs, 10yrs, 8yrs and 5yrs. We also have two Maine Coon Cats, one Maine Coon kitten and one very large Leonberger dog who is approximately 67kgs at 17months old. We have a very busy lifestyle and like to escape to Queensland for a holiday over winter. Previously we have had pet carers come in twice a day when we are away but decided it would be better for our furry family to have more company especially given our kitten is only 7months old and dog only 17months.

We are looking for someone who can give Hamish, Oliver, Nelson and Ted plenty of love and attention.

Our cats are all strictly indoor cats. We have four litter trays which need cleaning twice daily. Cats need water changes and feeding twice daily. Hamish requires medication twice daily. He is very compliant with his medication. He has quarter of a tablet crushed with a spoon and sprinkled on his food. Overall the cats are very easy. Oliver doesn't like cats at all (Despite being one himself lol) ... so he needs to be kept in a separate part of the house to Hamish and Nelson. No cat grooming required as I take them to the cat groomer regularly. You are welcome to groom them if you like but definitely not essential.

Ted is a very friendly huge dog... well puppy really... he is 17months old but behaves like a puppy. He can be very boisterous at times but if you like giant breed dogs you will love Ted. He needs a confident and strong handler as he weighs approximately 67kgs. He has completed and passed his Basic Dog Obedience training but doesn't always do what we want him to do. It essential that any perspective house sitters meet him prior to our holiday to ensure they feel confident with him. He needs twice daily walks (20-30mins each walk) morning and evening. If you are home he would also benefit from a walk during the day. Ted needs some inside time in the evenings 30mins to one hour. If you can offer him more time inside during the day or evening he would love it but not essential. You are welcome to groom him but not a requirement as I have a dog groomer every 4weeks. We clean Ted's yard space every morning. He is fed and has water changes twice daily.

I will leave you a comprehensive manual of pet needs.

STRICTLY NON SMOKERS. Sorry to request that but all my kids are asthmatic and struggle with cigarette smoke. Eldest and youngest have had hospital admissions for their asthma.

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