• Suburb : MUMMEL 2580
  • Region : Central West
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 20 days
  • Arrive : 23-Jan-2022
  • Depart : 11-Feb-2022
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Livestock, Chickens
  • Special features : Caravan Parking
  • Location :


We have a hobby farm wirh various animals. Horses, sheep, chicken, dogs. Sitter has to keep.an eye on them and assure that they all have water. The 2 dogs are inside dogs and very very affectionate. The sitter has to take very well care of them. Other maintinace would be only to water the vegatables and small house garden We live 16km to the nearest town. There is no public transport. All big and small supermarkets as well as restaurants etc are in town.

We rely on tank water. Water is preccious and can't be wasted. A short shower once a day has to be sufficient. Unfortunately other dogs are not welcome as our 2 don't get aling with any other dogs. Any further questions, don't hesitate to call me.

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