Assignment details

Location: Wauchope 2446

Region: Mid-North Coast

State: New South Wales

Duration: 40 days

Dates: 17-Feb-2019 - 28-Mar-2019

Requirements: We have 2 nova scotia duck tolling retrievers (tollers) that live with us all the time and my daughter has a doberman and a toller that drop in to play in our large garden for a day or two when she is away in uni. 3 out of 4 of the dogs are quite active and one of the tollers has anxiety issues but all very friendly and loving. The house is an older 5 bed place right in Wauchope so walk to shops if you like. WE would prefer you to arrive the day before we leave and be there when we get back. we work interstate doing 4 trips per year of 6 weeks each so if you like us and we like you we could have a semi permanent booking.

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