Assignment details

Location: PEREGIAN BEACH 4573

Region: Sunshine Coast

State: Queensland

Duration: 391 days

Dates: 16-Feb-2017 - 13-Mar-2018

Requirements: Hi :)

I am acting a little out of dispair.

I have a three bedroom house close to the beach in wich I run Airbnb. I had a student housesit and run the Airbnb for me while I am going to my father’s 85th birthday in Germany. Unfortunately, he is stuck in Sydney and I have already committed to some reservations. I feel more comfortable if someone is in the house to look after things while there are guests.

Unfortunately this is rather urgent too, as I fly out on Friday 16th February 2018, leaving the house at 5am.

Is this something house sitters would do? I just thought I try my luck on this site…

Thank you for your time. Best, Kathrin

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