• Suburb : Benowa 4217
  • Region : Gold Coast
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 6 days
  • Arrive : 09-Jul-2020
  • Depart : 14-Jul-2020
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Birds
  • Special features : No Garden Care
  • Location : Supermarket


We have a 15 year old border collie who is used to having someone at home. We leave her for only short periods so this house-sit wouldn't suit someone who works away from home. Rosie is a great companion. We live on a property that backs onto the Gold Coast botanical gardens. Rosie enjoys her daily walks there- she loves sniffing so we go at a snail's pace and we take much time to cover little distance! Rosie loves having someone at home so we don't leave her often or for long periods - she will nap near us during the day and if we disappear whilst she's asleep, she will plod along to find us when she wakes. She has a lovely nature and is easy going. Sadly she is losing both her sight and her hearing. She takes medicine for arthritis twice a day, the pills are given in sausage or chicken pieces so have never been problematic for her to have. Sometimes we hear her struggling to get up off the wooden floor and we will help her lift her hind legs - doesn't require much effort on our part and she can eventually struggle to her feet on her own if we don't help her. This doesn't ever happen when she sleeps on rugs. She sometimes needs to be let out in the early hours but this is not a regular occurrence. If we let her out late at night before heading off to bed ourselves she tends to sleep during the night. She sleeps on a doggy bed in our bedroom.

We have 3 cockatiels, Buddy is a geriatric who can no longer fly. He needs to be lifted up to his little house at night time - he hops onto one's hand to be lifted up. He will chirp whilst running around at the bottom of the aviary telling us it's his bedtime! In the am we lower him in his house (which is very light) to the aviary floor. Cheeky and Shadow are the names of the other two cockatiels - they like being chatted to and may join one at the kitchen bench for a while. They all sleep in the aviary at night time and spend most of the day there too - their choice. None of the cockatiels expect to be cuddled etc. They tend to prefer their own company to humans, but are not at all aggressive. Buddy never used to hop onto our hands either, but since he stopped flying he seems to realise he needs a helping hand. He is quite a character.

The mail needs to be fetched from the post box which is at the end of our drive and we have a newspaper delivered on a Saturday am - it's left on the driveway. We have a gate that leads into the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens. We take Rosie there as there is an off lead dog area.

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