Assignment details

Location: Hackney 5069

Region: Adelaide

State: South Australia

Duration: 12 days

Dates: 16-Apr-2018 - 27-Apr-2018

Requirements: My home is a 140yo 2 bedroom maisonette within walking distance of the city and bus. My main concern while I'm away is my 10 yo Welsh Terrier Myfanwe (Myf). She is used to a daily walk and company every day. I make sure that I keep her away from the front door when I open it as she rushes out across the road at other animals. I'm afraid she will be collected by a car. The garden pretty well takes care of itself in April. There is no off-street parking as I will be leaving my car in the carport. I will not charge for anything if you can just take care of my little dog and my home

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