Assignment details

Location: Mona Vale 2103

Region: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Duration: 17 days

Dates: 21-Jun-2019 - 07-Jul-2019

Requirements: With recent cancellation of our usual pet sitter, we are desperate to find someone lovely to look after our home and pets. We have two elderly animals that do require particular care; a border collie who requires daily tableting (he is very good with tablets), and a cat with renal failure. As such, we are looking for someone kind, and tolerant who will treat our animals with kindness. Our pets are part of the family, and if you give them the time of day, they will adore you.

Ideally, we are looking for a retired couple who will enjoy spending two weeks by the sea (walking distance to the beach and town), and who will enjoy the company of two adoring animals.

Please let us know if you are interested. Thanks, Carolyn.

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