Assignment details

Location: ROSEDALE 4674

Region: Wide Bay-Burnett

State: Queensland

Duration: 762 days

Dates: 30-Nov-2015 - 30-Dec-2017

Requirements: Hello,

I have a Riverfront rural 40 acre property in Rosedale Queensland, available for longterm house-sitters. I'd like sitters to have their own caravan or camper for their accommodation. Services available at the property are electricity, off-roof tank rainwater, the use of indoors toilet, shower/bath, sinks. There is good telstra mobile phone and internet coverage, and TV reception. Fishing and exploring the river is great too. Right at the property the river (Baffle Creek) is about 200 metres wide, with jetty and boat launching alongside, about 10km from the river mouth.

There are no pets or animals there to look after. General maintenance of lawn, weeds, would be much appreciated.

The building is a large steel framed shed-like structure that was council approved, as a class 1a dwelling, home. However, we were affected by Tropical Cyclone Oswald in Jan 2013, with unprecedented flooding levels but with just 20 cm of water inside. However, much of our possessions were stored in shipping containers at a lower level and all of the important sentimental things were ruined by water. The building's concrete slab cracked and its earth foundations altered. This is why I would prefer anyone staying there to mostly use their own caravan or camper for accommodation but are very welcome to also use the inside shower, toilet, sinks, etc. Caravan access available along side building or neaby. I would like long term sitters to keep an active presence there.

The property is for sale, but real estate in the region isn't moving. I don't live there anymore, I have someone staying there now but has indicated to be moving on.

Had lots of plans for the property but its all changed now. So as far as care-taking times go, suitable reliable people may essentially stay as long as it takes to sell. Could be quite a while...

Sitters must be loyal, responsible and honest people whom I can trust. I'm in need of peace of mind that the property is looked after and sitters when the real estate agent needs to show potential buyers will be cooperative in every respect.

Thank you for your time.

Regards, Greg.

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